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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

WHAT HAPPENED TO THANK YOU? (a.k.a. Gifting Games - Merry Christmas)

This Christmas, Uncle Troy asked me and my sister, “Whatever happened to thank you?”
            Of course, he meant our tendency to get so excited by his gifts that we forget to show relevant gratitude. Still we do like to make fun. 
            Afterwards, when he had gone home full of brussel sprouts and self-satisfaction, my sister and I answered his question properly.
            “Thank You had some shopping to do,” I started.
            “Thank You has errands all day,” my sister followed up.
            “Thank You owes a lot of his friends.”
            “He can’t just go around thanking people the whole time. They need more than that.”
            “Thank You’s a bit of a layabout when it comes down to it.”
            “But at least he knows where to get all the best deals. Even on Christmas Day.”
            “He will be back in a while. Thank You gets around to everyone eventually.”
            “Thank You is like Santa Claus in that way. He just comes later.”
            “Thank You comes when he damn well pleases.”
            “Please certainly thinks so.”
            “The less said about her though, the better.”
            “Please can be a bit lofty but she does know Thank You best. It’s just they’ve grown apart in recent years.”
            “Not often there at the same time.”
            “It’s a shame.”
            “It’s all Shame ever goes on about.”
            “He’s like that about everyone and everything though.”
            “At least he’s always there. Thank You on the other hand...”
            “He’ll be back.”
            And that’s where we left the matter. Uncle Troy always hears back from Thank You, no matter what happens.
            As for me and my sister, we just get on as we are.

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