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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"Routine" (a.k.a. A Revamped Poem to Pass the Time...)

Hullo all,

I've suddenly found myself knee-deep in self-pity tonight so I've decided to cheer the hell up by doing something productive instead. So here's another quick-ish poem. It's called "Routine". I think I may have posted a much earlier draft of it on here previously, but I solemnly believe that this version is the superior by far (well, less tacky at the very least).


I cross that hall.
Enter this room.
Reach for a light.
Scatter the dust.

I tread this board.
Slip on that mat.
Reach for the glass.
Clear out a stain.

I touch your coat.
Slip past my scarf.
Reach for the crease.
Smooth it all out.

I find my feet.
Fall to your floor.
Reach for a sleeve.
Breathe it all in.

The cracks in our ceiling
have met in the middle.

That's a funny thing with poems. I've practically stopped writing them. Oh sure, they come up pretty thick and fast on here but that's because they're normally the shortest and snappiest things I have to hand. I suppose I've just drifted apart from them; like old friends that you only see on certain occasions and yet never really say a proper goodbye to. I'm more about short stories and novels now; I've graduated to the big boy narratives.
In fact, expect to see whole chapters within the next couple of months. Well, maybe don't expect; you know what I'm like, after all. Let's just say I'll try. One chapter from my new, illustrious novel, at the very very very least. Blogger's honour. If there is such a thing...

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Pondersome

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