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Monday, 28 January 2013

The 500 Word Nonsense Quota

I'm churning out blissful, unabridged nonsense now. There is a reason: I need to build up my discipline as a writer. Writing 500 words a day about anything that comes into my head is a great way to give my sleepy imagination a kick start.

If you like gibberish for gibberish's sake then go here - http://nonsensequota.blogspot.co.uk/

If you'd prefer to remain where the sane and sensible writing is, then stay here. This little side-project of mine should help improve my turn-out.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Hunger (a.k.a. Sweets, Sewage and Lots of Verbs)

He's running and running and running and running and walking and jogging and sprinting and running and running and running and rushing and rushing and running and running and running and running and limping and running and limping and stopping outside a confectionary store.

He enters, approaches the pick and mix table. He grabs two scoops: digs one into gummy eggs, the other into cola cubes.

He's eating and eating and eating and eating and scoffing and snorting and eating and eating and chewing and eating and eating and chomping and eating and eating and biting and eating and nibbling and eating and chewing and stopping as an assistant presses his elbow.

He steps outside, finds a man-hole. He flees through the sewers.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Some New Titles for the New Year (a.k.a. Yeah, I Know It's Not Much But It's The Best I Can Do)

Happy Day 1 everybody!!!

Seen as how I have nothing to show that fits the new year theme I thought I'd display some new titles I may or may not be using in 2013 instead.

A title is the beginning of every story just as January 1st is the beginning of every new year. That works as a connection. Kind of. It'll do.

How does this sound? I resolve to make at least four of these titles into full-blown stories and/or poetry. Who knows, I might even manage a novel.

Anyway here they are. Wish me luck.

1) Conjunction

2) The Way They Baffled Mike

3) Pertaining To

4) Clouding Up On Daisy Street

5) This Door Is Alarmed

6) Hands With Other Fingers

7) We Don't Wear Silver In The Future

8) And This Is Why I Say Goodnight

9) Madness in Canada

10) Silverfish