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Friday, 1 April 2016

MARCH FOOLS (a.k.a. The Truth)

            Happy April Fool's Day! On the 29th March.
            That's right: the day has already passed. On whose authority, you might ask. Who else but the comedians?
            The entire community has banded together to make this joke work. It's been this way for three years now. They had a meeting, conference call mostly. It wouldn't have done to all meet in person.
            In 2014 they moved the date to 31st March. They slapped their knees at that one: a day out and nobody noticed. Still only a day: midnight caused confusion amid their number. What if a joke was committed then? It might as well be 1st April. Too close, no pause between set-up and punch line. They changed it the next year.
            In 2015 the date became the 30th. A few of the more numerically-minded comedians were ecstatic: a clean, round even number. Then again another faction was starting to rise, one claiming that ideal numbers just weren't funny. The dispute had to be settled by a show of hands. The comedians who weren't terribly bothered about numbers still didn't think it was the best date to fall on. It was a Monday; as far as jokes went it was a bit predictable.
            So in 2016 they changed it to 29th March. Still not a perfect day but the comedians finally feel comfortable about springing the prank on the rest of us. The way they see it, it'll keep being fresh until the time they finally agree on one day. Many suspect the 25th but that's still a few years down the line.
            Now they wait on our reaction.  A laugh or a groan please. Awkward silence might just cause them to tear their collective hair out and a backlash they can't control will doubtless kill the humour dead.