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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One More Micro-Story and a Surprisingly Succint Poem (a.k.a. Still Keeping Things Simple)

Hullo all,

I've decided to carry on with the whole 'simplicity is best' theme and feature one more short short story and even a pocket-size poem. In the spirit of the moment, I won't beat around the bush.

"Parent and Child" is a 40-word micro-story written for a competition I never actually got round to applying for. This one came shortly before the previous two micro-stories and is, in my opinion, the best one of all. The title pretty much covers it. Except...does it?


Cassandra held the hand of her father, fingers pale against the sheet.
She remembered him standing. Taller, darker, no wiser.
His small touch slipped and he gurgled. She bounced him on her knee.
Years snapped back.

"War in Five Lines" started life as a poem written hastily from the answers on a neglected pub quiz answer sheet one hazy night. Obviously it started off as a clumsy collection of images and descriptions but I think I've just about managed to tighten it up into a pert little piece of poetry. Of course, I leave you to judge that for yourself.


Steel the mill with arctic bombers.
We'll toss aside their monkey's beer.

Watch our leopard stop the rail.
They'll fob it off with cutlery.

Another blade in the beehive.

And that's all for this installment. I'll be back...sometime in the future. I'm going to become very busy within the next couple of weeks so it would be foolish of me to promise anything.
However, I will leave you on an upbeat note. A 300-word piece of flash-fiction that I wrote entitled
"Godwin's Shopping Day" has made its way into the "Party in Your Eye Socket" anthology ('ere, have a link - http://partyinyoureyesocket.tumblr.com/). It promises quirky prose and poetry; stuff that'll make you laugh out loud or maybe even lose your lunch. And, what's more, it's all SUPER-SHORT!!!
Physical copies and Kindle downloads will be available after 30th April. Prices are yet to be determined. I know I'll be nabbing a copy. How about you?

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Pondersome