I (sometimes) call myself Mr. Pondersome. I'm a rather wordy, weirdy person. I say hullo a lot. I write a lot more. While you're here, why not give some of it a read?


  • Party in your Eye Socket Issue 1 - Godwin's Shopping Day (March 2012)

  • Antisocial Writers Anti-Zine Circus Magazine - Speculation Surrounding the Yellow Rucksack Sisters (November 2013)

  • Ink Magazine (Sheffield Hallam University) - Second Religion (November 2013)

  • Far Off Places Volume 3: Issue 1: The Second Breakfast - Filling the Bowl (January 2015)

  • Liberty Tales: The 800th Signing of the Magna Carta - Stopped by a Busker (June 2015)

  • Bunbury Magazine: Issue 11 - Fruit Machine (October 2015)

  • The Great British Write Off 2015 - Poke it with a Stick (November 2015)

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