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Friday, 25 May 2012

"A CRACK IN A PATH" CHAPTER 6: A TWISTED KEY - PART 2 (a.k.a. More Honouring of Prior Commitments)

Chapter 6 – A Twisted Key (Path B)

            Bloody cheap...bags! Urgh. Two of the handles snapped off a yard back. Makes sense. Ah well, at least nothing burst out. Then again, that box of cereal is burrowing a hole through the bottom. I can feel its corner pressing against my middle finger. Itchy.

            I thrust the bags down on the doorstep; dig a hand into the denim pit that is my right pocket. The wallet always makes for a tight squeeze. I can just feel the bottom half of the key though. Ouch! Fucking sharp prong!

            I slip my hand out. Has it drawn blood? Not yet. Feel a cut though. Either way, it’s still effective. I dig deeper.

            Mum’s visiting Edith again. It’s good that she’s there for the woman but it doesn’t help that she’s always toddling off to the hospital on Tuesdays. I hate shopping on my own. I never know what impulse buys to follow through with, how to rationally resist a 2-for-1 deal. The budget’s too lenient.

            Take today, for example. I got the beans, the cereal, the sugar and the salad, and I still had a fiver. If there’s ever any change left over, do what you think is wisest, Mum always says. I saw a deal on hand cream. Our usual brand is all runny and sticky, so I chucked this new stuff into the trolley. Now I’m questioning just how wise it was to even bother.

            I yank the keys out, flick through them to the right one. It’s looking a little worse for wear, a bit flimsy at the middle. Are the spares still in the top drawer in the dining room? Among all the other shit Dad insisted on burrowing away.

            I reach for the lock, hear mumbling in the distance. I turn back, catch a shimmer of reflector coat yellow. The police. Two officers: a man and a woman. I drop the keys, shuffle back down the garden path.

            They’re stood beside a lamppost, tying something onto it. The woman is pulling the tie from behind and the man has his hands out, like he’s measuring how level the sign is. The sign?

            I wait a moment as the man steps forward, watch the woman hurry after him. I give them two yards or so before I make a move.

            Sometimes I hate instinct. Strike that, I hate instinct most of the time. I hate how it makes every step a nervous little itch. I hate how that itch sharpens into a scratch. And I really fucking hate how that scratch makes you want to stop. But you can’t.

I can’t. The lamppost is barely inches away. The sign flashes from the corner. It’s laminated. Why does that bother me?

            I shut my eyes as I move around it. I daren’t look at a single word, not until I see it all there together. My eye lids soften. Maybe it isn’t what I’m thinking. This is all ridiculous. I just need to look and see that...



            Of course, I have. Of course, I fucking have.

            His face is all fuzzy round the edges. His hair is shaved close to the skull. A cigarette sags in his crooked mouth. His eyes are half shut in a dozy expression. His eyes...

            I step back. No. I’m not looking anymore. I won’t read on. I don’t care what his name was, who it is that’s looking for him or even since when. I’m not responsible. It was an accident. It was an accident. It wasn’t me.

            I tilt my head up slightly. Those officers are looking back now. The woman seems to be stopping, maybe even suspecting. Recognising me. I turn my back on them: the shimmering poster, the shining people. They won’t remember me if I leave them all behind.

            I’m heading up the pavement, moving round the corner. The hem of my coat slaps the gate. I tug it close. Nobody knows. Nobody would remember me, because it’s me.

            I walk into the door. I spin around; snatch the keys from the stone. I cling to the right one, eyes staring back at the poster from over next door’s hedge. I jab the key into the lock. It bangs against the door frame. I glance at it, try again. Are those two sets of footsteps? Bang. Try again. If only I could see past that...

            BANG! Clatter.

            I turn back. The key is in the lock. The top bits still on the key ring. An inch apart.

            Shit. Shit, shit, shitty shit! I bang on the door. I raise my fist again.

            Mum. She won’t be back for another hour yet. I let it drop.

            Maybe if I... Okay, well, how about... Fucking fingernails! Why don’t they have any grip? Shit.

            I sigh, scoop up the bags. Well then. The back door. There’s no other way.

            I glance up the pavement. The police have gone. The poster’s still there. I turn, head in the opposite direction. The long way round.

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