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Sunday, 27 February 2011

"Among the Magpies" Part 6 - SILVER

            She came. It’s getting to be a routine, our little run-ins. I stepped out and smiled for her.
            “Excuse me.”
            She looked up from her phone. Those eyes.
            “Is this your umbrella?”
            They sparked. “Oh, yeah! I was wondering where that had gotten to. God! Where did you find it?”
            “Over there, near the bushes.”
            “Oh, wow. Thanks.” Her phone chimes at us. “Sorry, just gimme a sec. Could you hold this?”
            She passed it back to me. I turned away and gazed over her shoulder. The bottom of the cobbles. Five magpies forming a ring. Closing.
            “Oh, hi, babes! Yeah, I know, I’ll be along in a minute. You know the path up from the back of the station? What? No! We came this way three days ago! Remember now? Well...”
            Three days ago. Here. Him. I clutched the gilded handle. Fake metal on tightening skin.
            “Chat soon! Bye!” She closed her phone. “Right then. Where were we?”
            I raised the umbrella. Light. Quick. Cheap. The gold flaked away and revealed a bare shine. Nothing but metal. Nothing but silver.
            I like to think she didn’t feel it much. Just the right amount. I brought her home. I carried her all the way.

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