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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"Among the Magpies" Introduction (a.k.a. Me Dabbling in the Vast and Expansive World of Online Serial Fiction)

Hullo all!

For the next few blogs I thought I'd try something a little different.
Rather than blab on for a little while about where and when the story first transpired and why I'm such an uber-talented young writer (y'know, the usual guff), I thought that I'd just give you the fiction. And, what's more, I thought I'd give it in such a way that it's gradual and comes in bitesize chunk that may or may not keep you guessing. So that's what I'm going to do.
After this rather minor soliloquy, I will give you the first part of "Among the Magpies"; a short story of seven parts. I know seven parts may not technically be much of a serial (more a 'serial bar' than a 'serial box' - c'mon, you were expecting that pun to creep up just as much as I was) but that's how I'm going to do it. One day at a time. I know I technically should have started on Monday for it to coincide with the week, but, by then, I'd only just finished the damn thing.
Think of it as a genre experiment, if you will. If you like it and think it works then please feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do in the near and, indeed, far future. You are my audience after all, I must try my best to please you before you start throwing e-rotten vegetables at me.
Aside from this I shall say no more about the story itself. You reading it and working it out all for yourself is half the fun.

Anyhoo, keep your eyes peeled!

Mr. Pondersome

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