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Sunday, 27 July 2014



The examination room was small, formerly a cupboard for sports equipment. Regan eyed up the blue hula hoops beside the big window at the back.   
            Regan followed the mark's pacing path from the wobble in his desk to the back of the student's designated chair. She could put a slight dusting of anthrax on it, not enough to seep through the fabric of the girl's shirt or be breathed in naturally but plenty to fill the hand of the invigilator. She dismissed the thought halfway down the line: risky and ridiculous.
            She moved her attention onto a spare pen on the student's desk; it could easily be fashioned into a one-shot dart gun to be aimed at the mark's neck. Then again that would be leaving it all up to the student.
            She returned to the mark's desk. Aside from the student, allegedly, he tended to only touch the things he had brought with him. The sheets, his cuffs, the...
            'Bored of being outside?' he said, door closing behind him. 'I understand but I've already set up. No help really needed.'
            'It's a lovely comfy chair,' Regan said.
            'Well, at least it's not plastic.'
            'Do you tend to get thirsty in long exams?'
            'Your water bottle. It's never quite full when I see it.'
            The mark glanced at it. 'I suppose it is. The rooms I frequent tend to get rather stuffy. Poor ventilation.'
            Glenning Water. The sticker was ripped in a very particular way but these bottles were relatively easy to find in the area. She made a mental note of the dents, how deep they each were.
            'I'll leave you to it then.' Regan stood up. 'If you need me, just tap on the window.'
            'All right.' the invigilator sat down to fill out his sheets.
            As Regan stepped outside, she saw the student ascending the stairs.
            'He touched your sister too?' Regan said.
            The student nodded. 'Same places.'
            Regan held open the door for her, mentally charting all the nearest corner shops.

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