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Saturday, 26 July 2014



'A floating invigilator?' the actual invigilator said.
            'I'm between your room and the gym,' Regan said. 'In case anyone needs the toilet.'
            She could make proper eye contact with her mark now, thanks to the lifts in her shoes. Then again she blinked more frequently, having switched from glasses to contacts.
            'I see. This girl usually goes before she starts but, well, you never know.'
            'You've had her before?'
            'And her sister too.' the mark smiled. 'A few years ago.'
            'Just as well behaved?'
            'I'd say more so.'
            Regan stared at him, her mannerism running dangerously close to yesterday's. She brightened up, much like her apricot blouse; emphasising her Newcastle accent. 'Well then. Time to hover.'
            'You mean float.'
            'I'm a spare part, not shit.' She tagged on a giggle at the end. 'What are you like?'

            The student arrived a few minutes later and the invigilator got started straight away. Regan stuck close outside the room, scrutinising the man through the window in the door.
            Middle-aged and shabbily dressed so obviously not retired, just probably otherwise unemployed. Tall, long-legged though not prone to keeping his trousers around his waist so they trailed a bit, the hem catching the heels of his thick-soled shoes. Favours the desk immediately beside the door - indicative of vigilance and perhaps paranoia. Fills out sheets first then spends the rest of his time adjusting his cuffs - obviously too tight - tucking his shirt into the back of his trousers, slouching, sitting up and drinking from his own water bottle.
            Occasionally he stands up and gets very close to the student, accidental brushing of the back of his hand against her shoulder. Feigned.
            Regan calculated only six ways of introducing poison into his system, most of which were simple and required objects pre-emptively planted in the room. She needed to get inside.
            The mark approached the window and winked at her. Whatever she felt was irrelevant and she was surprised she had to keep reminding herself of that. This student was really just another unfortunate stranger, loosely connected to a fond memory. This closed room conundrum reminded her of her first job so she focused on that. The girl's mother had been in the adjoining room, waiting.

            Smiling back and adjusting her brown wig, Regan headed towards the gym.

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