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Thursday, 26 September 2013


Note by Kin Yarmouth to Cortez Ulrich (Transcribed)

Contributed by Cortez Ulrich



Dear Cortez,


            Surely you understand why we had to leave. When Perry Grinn threw that Molotov cocktail at us he shouted 'here's your test!' and, in his warped way, he was right. If he hadn't seen fit to hurt us, we wouldn't have realised just how exposed we really are out here. We can't follow you to Middlesbrough; we need to have a break.

            Alyssa is still talking in circles but we now get the impression she wants to go home. So we're returning to Inverness to catch our breath and get Alyssa properly set up at our father's old cottage. We would extend an invitation for you to come visit but she really is quite catatonic.

            So it behoves us to say that we're really sorry and wish you and the Cirque du Clamour all the best in the future. We may just catch you up someday.


Yours sincerely,




P.S. If you find anything salvageable of the rucksack, please send it to our home address. Our secrets aren’t your secrets. The trick remains the same. (Marigold)

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