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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Rough Transcript of a Backstage Dialogue between Marigold and Sahara Yarmouth

Contributed by Anonymous



MARIGOLD: Where'd you put the spray again?

SAHARA: I didn't put the spray anywhere. Kin's the one who's been organising.

MARIGOLD: Kin's a child.

SAHARA: She's only three years younger than me.

MARIGOLD: She's a child in her outlook. She'd actually do this shit just for the smiles on the kiddies.

SAHARA: The money's nice too.

MARIGOLD: Exactly. The kid's are all right but the money is key. We need to get away from this bloody circus.

SAHARA: You've said that so many times.

MARIGOLD: I know but that ringmaster is taking a bigger cut than he's letting on, definitely taking more.

SAHARA: It is a bit fishy how he doesn't run the numbers past us.

MARIGOLD: And you're good with that sort of thing!

SAHARA: Okay. He is a rat bastard. But that doesn't stop Alyssa fucking him.

MARIGOLD: Alyssa. Alyssa, Alyssa, Alyssa.

SAHARA: You see my point then.

MARIGOLD: Well she's hardly a slut, is she? She's in love with the bastard.

SAHARA: She thinks she's in love with him. She hasn't quite weighed him up yet.

MARIGOLD: Do you think he could actually change?

SAHARA: Probably not. He's a very little man.

MARIGOLD: She hasn't told him more about our act, has she?

SAHARA: Most of it, yes, probably. But not the stuff you're thinking. She knows you'd kill her because you're always worrying that it'll somehow slip out.

MARIGOLD: I will kill her one of these days.

SAHARA: If you do then I'll kill you.

MARIGOLD: No, I swear she is too nice for her own good. Too sweet.

SAHARA: Sweet?


SAHARA: How is being sweet a bad thing?

MARIGOLD: She's too modest, too considerate sweetie pie. This act demands a straight line of confidence throughout. One of us can't be thinking about everyone else in the room.

SAHARA: I think that's the first time I've ever heard you say 'sweetie pie'.

MARIGOLD: Fuck off, will you?

SAHARA: No, I'm sure of it.

MARIGOLD: Oh wh-...did you see that wardrobe twitch?

SAHARA: Wardrobe?

MARIGOLD: Yes it's...Oh, you can get the fuck out of here and all! Good old Mr Grinn sent you, did he? Absolutely fucking-! Get out, you little shit! That man, I swear to God...

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