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Sunday, 27 November 2011

"Malady, M'Lady Melody" (a.k.a. My Hearty Attempt at a Tongue Twister)

The first three posts of my return shall feature poems that I have written very recently.

"Malady, M'Lady Melody" is a fine example of how much I love tongue twisters. As reading the title aloud suggests, I'm very interested in the way that strong consonant sounds can garble one's speech. That's why I actively seek combinations of similarly sounding words (or, for want of a better term, semi-homonyms). This is one such phrase I've successfully constructed. And from there, a strange form of dialogue wound its way out of my mind. When reading, try to think of a Bronte-esque lady of the manor and her maid talking about nothing in particular one dreary day. That just about sums up how it came to me...


Malady, m'lady Melody.

What was that, my dear?

Madly, m'lady Melody.

How is that, my child?

Medley, m'lady Melody.

Carry on, my dear.

Mouldy, m'lady Melody.

Never mind, my child.

Malady, m'lady Melody.

What was that, my dear?

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