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Sunday, 27 November 2011

"Eyes at Mass" (a.k.a. Going Dada with an Eye-catching Newspaper Article)

The next two posts will be about prose that I wrote during my Experimental Writing seminars.

"Eyes at Mass" is the product of an activity I gave myself during a bigger group project on Dadaism. Essentially it is based on a theory of writing suggested by Tristan Tzara, a prominent member of the artistic movement. Tzara believed that all you needed to do in order to write a poem was to cut up the words of a newspaper article, mix them up and lay them out wherever suitable. In attempting this concept, I made a piece that I felt was more prosaic. The original article was about a disturbing event that occured in a church in Viareggio, Italy, wherein a man literally ripped out his eyes during Mass. With the obvious connotations of religion, gore and Freudianism, it was inevitable that I decided to pick it up.


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