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Sunday, 9 November 2014

RUSH HOUR CRUSH (a.k.a. A Heart-rending Love Story about Isaac Newton and Pomeranians)

To the Dude in the Green Shades,

You were staring at my Halloween costume whilst eating an apple. Why not drop one on my head sometime? I have a theory I would like to discuss with you over drinks.

Isaac Newton Lookalike

To Isaac Newton Lookalike,

Do you like Pomeranians?

The Guy in the Green Shades

To the Guy in Green Shades,

Yes. My sister breeds them. Shall we say The Watchman's Arms next Tuesday? 6? I won't be in full costume but I will keep on the wig.

Former-Isaac Newton Lookalike

To Isaac Newton Lookalike,

Where is the best place to buy a pair of sandals in Cleethorpes?



I always go to Richmond's.


To Former-ISL,

Watchman's Arms. Tuesday 6:15pm.



Why did you run off in such a hurry? You asked questions about 'the mark', I'm a Mark, I thought we were joking around. I would love a second chance. Watchman's Arms? Next Tuesday at 6pm again?

An Idiot in a Wig


I must have missed you. I hope I missed you. Come by next Tuesday and we'll talk all about 'your mission'.

An Idiot Still Wearing a Wig


I felt like there was a connection. Was I wrong?

An Idiot Without a Wig

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