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Friday, 31 October 2014

FLASHES OF DARKNESS (a.k.a. A Trilogy of Fiendish Flash Fiction)


    I knew a guy who worked there.
    He kept going on about a door at the back with a sign reading 'THIS DOOR IS ALARMED'. He took a crowbar to open it.
    He sent me a text: 'No sound'.
    Of course not. The alarm's silent.
    They even kept the crowbar.

Egg Timers

            Men in orange shirts were handing out old egg timers on the streets one day. They were already ticking, set for an hour.
            People went home, tried to stop the ticking but they couldn't so they waited.
            When the moment came, the timers hatched. The ringing started. It never stopped.

Murmurs of Approval

            Entering the boardroom is like entering an echo chamber. The only sound is low, quiet and perturbed.
            The source is just above the shadows cast by the tallest chairs.
            Listen, there are now two sounds: humming and drumming, lips and fingers.
            You've been called in. A decision has been reached.

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