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Sunday, 29 December 2013


            He refreshed the internet article on his computer. He read it again, word for word, just in case he'd somehow got it wrong. When he was satisfied that both the surname and date were correct he pulled out a slip of paper with Annabel's phone number on it.
            'Hello?' she said.
            'Hi. Is this Annabel Tyler?'
            'It's you then.'
            'Yes. I thought I saw you the other day in Bright and Earl. Was that you?'
            'So how are you?'
            'I'm fine. But it is rather early.'
            'Oh, sorry. Yes, it's...sorry.'
            'You're ringing about Ben, aren't you?'
            He clicked off the webpage. 'I just read.'
            'You just read? Christ, it's been a year!'
            'I haven't been right.'
            'What do you mean?'
            'I just...I dunno, I just haven't been right.'
            'You must've had something bad then. They're still talking about Ben on the street.'
            'I don't get out much. Yesterday was the first day in a while. Look, can we talk? Like I said, I've only been able to read about it.'
            'In person?'
            He gulped. 'Yes. If you like.'
            'I have work today. How about tomorrow?'
            'The park?'
            'Okay. Sorry. Bye.' He put down the phone. He breathed out.

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