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Friday, 27 December 2013

27TH DECEMBER (a.k.a. Part 1 of a 200-Word Episodic Short Story - just go with it, until New Year's Eve...)

            He slid the bowl of cereal out of the way and picked up the remote control. The toy helicopter was in the middle of the dining room table, one of its rotor blades still slightly crooked at the tip. That was how it had come out of the box, the blade jammed into one corner without thought of padding or appropriate packaging design. He considered straightening it out again but flipped the 'on' switch instead.
             The little green light blinked on the side of the helicopter. He pushed down on the activation button and the rotor span fast; maintaining a straight, steady circular motion. Carefully he pushed up one of the analogue sticks. The helicopter dithered briefly in the air before collapsing on its side. He stood it upright and turned it off.
            He grabbed the box and opened it up, pocketing the receipt. He tried to give each of the helicopter blades enough room to hang low inside. The lid wouldn't shut properly so he left it and finished the four soggy spoonfuls of cereal.

            After washing it up he climbed back into bed. The shops were probably open but he hadn't slept right. Boxing Day had hurt.

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