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Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello Spooky Persons,

I'll just come out with it: I'm not really 100% happy with the way this story is right now. I mean, I am happy with it, kind of, I am proud enough to you show you it today. However please keep an eye out for a much more polished draft of On the Train, On the Phone (with better title) to appear sometime in the near future. Hopefully it will give you all a chance to work a bit harder for the scares.

That being said, I'd hazard to call this a 'scary Halloween tale'. It doesn't quite know what its going to be yet but it's definitely not one of the gory, grab-you-by-the-throat stories you'd expect to hear in a crypt or even at a campfire. It's decidedly more realistic. I'd say that's suitably terrifying.

Anyway without further underselling, please feast your eyes on this virginal offering of a 'kind of' Halloween tale. I sacrifice it in your name, O great dark lords and ladies! Please don't shrivel my crops.

Happy Halloween!

Dr Pondersomestein

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