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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

FIRST PERSON - Soothing Pastime or Addictive Disease?

Owen Townend has succumbed to a particularly foul affliction. He is addicted to the First Person.

The First Person is a psychotropic drug that is ingested by writers in dire need of 'talent', a popular misnomer for the metabolic state whereby inspiration is inhaled and brilliance is exhaled. Abuse is commonplace among the lower classes.

Symptoms of the First Person include agoraphobic compulsions, loss of descriptive memory and manic finger spasms. Sufferers have been known to turn out 10-20 pages of writing a day with a declining rate of cohesive thought.

Should you come across a writer exhibiting these symptoms then do not approach them directly: they will lash out at the first sign of honest criticism. Instead apply a steady Third Person diet plan immediately. The Second Person is also recommended but should only be applied in the later stages.

Owen Townend is currently undergoing this diet and is showing some small degree of success. Remember, it is a long journey but one that leads to recovery. Be sure to keep him in your prayers.

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