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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Oh and Ah... (a.k.a. I Have Something Else to Add)

And here's a little something extra for being so patient...

It's another cut-and-stick random word artsy experimental piece, except it actually has a fluent theme: freedom of digital information. SOPA and stuff! I call it "Private Search Available", mostly because I couldn't think of a different title that didn't sound pretentious or narrow-minded.

You can find it here as well - http://speakeasysheffield.webs.com/ - along with some of my other work. The Speakeasy is an open mic night event that I regularly attend and often perform at. It's open to virtually anyone with something creative to say; be it in poetry, short story, skit or song. Come along sometime if you're in the area - you might just see me. My table's usually empty... [insert 'AWWWW' here].

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