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Monday, 31 December 2018

DELICACY (a.k.a. Ornamental Endings)

We have a masterpiece of a mantelpiece.


Varnished mahogany. An oceanic curve to the top, a tasteful woodcutting at the bottom. A lamb in the arms of a little child.

We can never agree on the genders.

So it's a big broad mantelpiece: plenty of room for all kinds of ornaments. We are just mad about figurines.

Christmas comes and we usually have some new ones to put up.

This year was a bit outre: a tartan chicken and a black and gold painted egg.

Now the irony isn't beyond us: we've both had philosophy classes in some fashion. As well as decor.

And yet neither of us have set up either ornament. Why?

The egg was a gift from my mother.

While I have adopted the chicken from my quirky work colleague.

I was going to put up my egg first but then I'm not a huge fan of the chicken and certainly don't want that up as the last ornament of the year.

And I have a funny feeling about that egg. I can see a definite crack down the middle.

But I don't.

I just think it'll cause havoc on the mantelpiece when it breaks.

If it breaks!

Not this again. And what's wrong with my chicken?

You know what. I distinctly remember you moaning about it too.

I never moan.

Oh yes, you do.

Nevertheless the fact remains that it is the last day of the year and we both agree that something ought to go up.

To mark the year.

And we were wondering...

What would you advise?

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