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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

UNISEX WATCHMAKER (a.k.a. A Taste of the Internet Celebrity Short Story Collection I'm Working On)

Hi Guys! Wow Guys! Wasn't that a GREAT let's Play? I play something similar on my channel: UNISEX WATCHMAKER. I play RPGs like Age of Classics, Scatter Chart and any fo the God Chess series. I also play other games like this. Come check me out! Awesome!

Wow! Good game, good Game. Love this chanel, big fan. If you like Fishing on Kepler then why not check out my own channel? It's called UNISEX WATCHMAKER. I'll bei playing this game soon and others, really cool klike Xeno Joust and Gridface. Only PC tough. You'll like it. Come on!

Hey! Did you know UNISEX WATCHMAKER is set to appear on DevelopMental Gaming soon? I am! Watch out! While you wait go visit our channel for Let's Plays involving great games like Shelf Biter, Don't Forget The Tape and Jameson. Might even get to Cobweb before Harris, amirite? Seriously. Check.it.out.

UNISEX WATCHMAKER's first episode on DevelopMnetal Gaming will air real soon. Got a lot tow ork on currently, editing and shit. Don't worry though. Check out my channel while you wait. I've just finished playing thru the Cobweb series. Sorry, Harris. (not sorry)

UNISEX WATCHMAKER: why not check it out?

Hi, guys! UNISEX WATCHMAKER here with some HOT News! I'm be the guest on the next RTSCast. Look forward to arguming with Crumpet Daddy about the latest Age of Classics. See you then! See my videos now!

Change of plans. Unforeseen. Sorry guys. Here's a link to my channel - UNISEX WATCHMAKER.

Hi, guys. My name is Ed of Unisex Watchmaker. I would really like it if you could take a minute and check out my channel. I post daily Let's Play videos about RPG and RTS games like Age of Classics though I have played other popular games like Cobweb and Don't Forget the Tape. I work Really hard on them and if you could check them out, that wouldbe great. Thanks.

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