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Thursday, 8 August 2013

JACK MANAGEMENT (a.k.a. Battle of the Narrators - Rather Short)

            Jack Management shot his previous narrator. No-one knows exactly why.

            He was...I’m Jack Management: hat collector, certified gun owner, pedant for hire.

            Jack seemed...People constantly ask how I got the surname. I married my job, got divorced, kept the name. Jack is cool but Management gives me purpose. It’s all you can take from an abstract concept but management took my middle name in return. It’s only fair.

            Jack...was brave. Is brave. Handsome too. Not ruggedly handsome, not quite yet. The beard’s still growing out. I have a boyish complexion.

            Jack! I don’t do third person omniscient. I only use it when it counts which is to say let it happen. I have a story to tell so I put it how I put it.

            Jack was filled with anger and frustration at not succeeding in his chosen career. A pedant for hire wasn’t really relevant to anything, let alone trustworthy.

            Nice try, kid. Anyone ever tell you, you use the wrong tense?

            His mere presence was offensive, detrimental to the problems he sought to solve.

            Just checking my gun, Mr Verbose. Fully loaded.

            Jack collected hats because his hairline was receding. He spent most of his morning’s looking petrified.

            Warning, kid.

            Jack also couldn’t...

            BAM. Yeah, yeah. Narration is really tough.

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