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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

CLOUDING UP ON DAISY STREET (a.k.a. A Soggy Vignette)

The twelve o'clock bus is showing me something.

A shapely droplet slides from the eye of the man in the Travel Pass poster. He is smiling for the advert but now I'm not so certain.

I follow the level of his stare to a window on the opposite side. The pane's become foggy but I can still look out from the right hand corner. A sign says Daisy Street.

I think maybe he kissed a Daisy once, this Travel Pass poster man. He's probably met this crossing a few times before. There's a faultless alignment between him and the sign.

It breaks and I finally lose interest. The bus turns the corner and the drip slips down to the tagline.

Mine is the next stop.

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