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Friday, 15 July 2011

"Constance" Introduction (a.k.a. Getting the Compulsory Commentary Out of My System)

Hullo all!

Considering how well "Among the Magpies" did not too long ago, I thought that I'd write and release another serial short story for you. Well, to be perfectly honest, "Constance" is more of a short story with events that cut up nice and neatly into serial portions. It's slightly longer than "Among the Magpies" and (I think you'll be happy to hear) a lot less creepy. I still seem to lean towards the pathetic social pariah ([insert snarky remark about writer here]) bur I like to think that this guy is a lot sweeter. He's also a little bit upper-class camp, but I'm sure you'll find that out for yourself.
Anyway, that's all I'll say for the time being. After all, that's half the fun of a serial story, isn't it? The not-quite-knowing-what'll-happen-next feeling. I seem to get that sensation a lot when writing these commentary things...
However, there is one more thing. A (very) little poem expressing a rather uncharacteristically pessimistic perspective on individualism and rebellion against the norm. It's called "Upwind". Please enjoy and try not to get too bummed out by it (That's for all you fighters out there! I believe in you!). Meanwhile, if you are the sort of person who agrees with the message then try not to enjoy it too much (Damn you, you perpetual party-poopers! BOOOOOO!).


Standing tall
before the gales.
Freshest trick -
it always fails.

Oh and ah yes, keep an eye out for the three daily instalments of "Constance" and enjoy them too. If you can.

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Pondersome

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