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Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Live Poetry Readings (a.k.a. Shameless Self-Publicity)


As predicted I've been rather busy lately with university stuff (essays, in particular) so unfortunately I haven't had the time to post more of my random fictional nonsense. However, so as to keep the masses entertained, I've decided to indulge in a little experimental self-publicity.
Below are a few video links of me doing some (very old) poetry readings at a marvellous open-mic night called The Speakeasy at the Hubs (Sheffield Hallam Student Union, to all those not in the know. It takes place every last Tuesday of the month at 7pm, for those who are interested and can get there.)
Feel free to peruse them. However please bear in mind that these videos were taken a year ago and I've undergone a few changes since then. Well not much, but you don't know that...




Thanks for reading,

Mr. Pondersome

P.S. (Update) My primitive mind has (finally) managed to work out which of the fiddly buttons on YouTube uploads videos straight to Blogger and its worked! YAY! If you'd prefer not go searching for videos via potentially-temperamental links then just scroll up and click play on the video posts above.

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